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Dirtbag Beater

“Dirtbag Beater” by Branch Radioians. Released: 2015. Genre: Freaker Country.

fundyy – gidebildiğin yerdeyim edit

“fundyy – gidebildiğin yerdeyim edit”.

Ballad of a Radio Man

A tribute to the radio legend that is Dr Jones….

Screentime Theme Song

Screentime Theme song as sung by Brian Lamb

Look What Happened to Tina by Viv Rolfe

Ain’t Nobody’s Business if I do

Silence for the Devil

Experimenting with the tutorial on “How to Remove Vocals from Songs with Audacity” http://audacity.wonderhowto.com/how-to/remove-vocals-from-songs-using-audacity-162272/ Import a track, then use Spit…

Harping on the Blues

Inhale, three puffs, exhale


More than noise by @dkernohan. Plus a dog bark.

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