1:00 Session introduction  (jason)
History Why are we here?
What are we doing today? Show agenda/ site

1:05 Introductions
Who are we?

1:15 Planning and purpose:  Inspiration, storytelling, projects…  (Duncan & Brian)
What is a podcast and where do they come from?
The power of stories/voice
What kinds of projects exist in T&L? For practice?
– Recorded lectures
– Interviews
– Soundscapes
– DS106 assignments

1:35 Recording: Gear and basics of recording (John & Jon & Cindy)
What to record with? How to do it well?
Show gear, recorders, microphones

1:55 Editing: Editing tools basics (Duncan)
Tools options, why audacity?
Show/Demo audacity
Techniques/ process

2:15 Break and Breakout (madness ensues)

Form groups make project plan

Activities may include:
– Planning: Discuss, Brainstorm
– Recording: Recorded lectures, Interviews, Soundscapes
– Editing: Existing material, Samples, Clips effects
– All of the above

2:25-3:40 Groups work on their audio pieces. (all)

3:40 Audio sharing & discussion  (jason)