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shared by Jozbfz

Sound of a steam kettle.

Water in Peterson Creek

shared by Anonymous

Recorded at Peterson Creek Park, Kamloops

Walk on a Windy Beach

shared by Anonymous

Recorded on beach near Kamloops airport. On a very sunny day.

Traffic Sounds

shared by CogDog

Found on Freesound http://www.freesound.org/people/CeraSea/sounds/48296/

Traffic Sounds

shared by CogDog

City traffic, cars and horns. Found from Freesound http://www.freesound.org/people/zendry423/sounds/162443/

Measuring and Cutting

shared by CogDog

Recorded outside Open Learning building at TRU

Talking and Typing

shared by Anonymous

Some people in a computer lab trying to get their blog working.

Ambient sounds from Tower Trail

shared by BorregoRuido

This is what we live in!

Arizona Thunderstorm

shared by CogDog

Yes, water can fall from the sky in the desert. It sounds like this.

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